Friday, March 8, 2013

SPECIAL BJD Feature: Lucy of RealPukiPukiLand - AND A CONTEST TOO!

Lucy of RealPukiPukiLand is a wonderful and fantastic friend...after recently meeting her through a ball jointed doll exchange, we just started emailing each other and found out that we have a lot of things in common and are definitely kindred spirits (which is what I always call people who I instantly click with!)

Lucy shared with me that she is a seller on etsy, and when I visited her shop, I realized that I had probably seen her shop at some point, because I remember seeing those ADORABLE little felt dresses! Fascinated by her creative talents, I was more than excited to have her as my very first Featured BJD Fan/Collector/Artist!

"Shabby Chic Style" dresses with ruffles AND leg warmers!
A little about Lucy, in her own words:

"My name is Lucy, I am from Germany and I am 32 years old. I live in a small city in NRW and I like to cook, to eat, music, sewing, my dolls and my animals. I own a hedgehog, pet-rats and a gecko. I am a tattoo artist and been in this job for 10 years. I have opened my Etsy store in January 2013, because I don 't really like Ebay - as an artist and a handcrafting sewer Etsy felt like the place to go."

In an interview with Lucy, I learned that she has the most fantastic ideas for the creations that she makes for her shop on etsy, RealPukiPukiLand.

1. What inspired you to start a Realpukipukiland doll clothing store?

"I always liked to make things with my hands and being creative. When I discovered Tiny BJDs I was absolutely fascinated by these little critters - but I couldn't find any premade clothing for them that I really liked - so I made some myself. After showing the dresses to my best friend she suggested that maybe other Tiny BJD owners would also like these dresses .. and the shop was born."

"Day in the Garden" embroidered felt dress - absolutely, undeniably CUTE!

2. What kinds of materials and items do you use in your designs?

"I mostly use felt, because it doesn't stain the dollys and is easily available in a lot of beautiful colours. I also use glass pearls, little gem stones and things alike to decorate and embroider my dresses."

3. What makes your beautiful store unique?

"I have not seen any dresses like mine anywhere else :) I also created little bunny ears and bumble bee headbands .. the little ones look sooo cute with them. I guess what makes my store unique is the love that flows into my creations. Everything is handmade, hand stitched and absolutely one of a kind - even though I sometimes have 3 - 4 pieces of the same creation, they are never exactly alike."

"Red Strawberry" felt dresses - deliciously cute!

4. What would you say is or was your most treasured creation?

"I think this must be my Coconut Realpuki house :) I worked on this for hours and is now up for sale too .. I think making homes for Realpukis is so much fun - they just look like they belong in a house made of natural things like coconuts."

Handmade "Coconut Beach House" is the perfect home for your Tiny BJD!

5. What inspired you to delve into the hobby of collecting ball jointed dolls? And How long have you been in this hobby?

"When I was 18 I used to work in a Dolls museum. I have loved dolls all my life and I own quite a lot - from Tonner, Barbie, Monster High .. so it was kind of a natural step to discover BJDs one day.
I have been in this hobby for 4 years now, on and off. BJDs are just fascinating - they are so versatile, they are beautiful and they feed your imagination. Especially all the different sizes are interesting .. I own everything from Tiny to 1/3 and they are all very dear to me. A BJD is always what you make of her - I really like that about them."

6. What are you planning next for the shop?

"I am planning on making more props for the Realpukis and PukiPukis. I make a lot of miniatures out of polymer clay and will start making some mini glass bottle pendants in the near future. So make sure to stay tuned .. new stuff will be added regularly :)"

BJD "Butterfly Collector" Glass Pendant with Cork & Polymer Clay
Thank you, Lucy, for allowing me to post your wonderful shop and your interview! It was so much fun!

That's NOT ALL...We are also holding a CONTEST for one of Lucy's adorable handmade dresses for your BJD!

Contest Details:

This contest has closed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcoming Contest to WIN a SPECIAL Handmade Dress for your RealPuki or PukiPuki!!

Don't forget to check this blog within the next couple of days, as I will be posting a VERY SPECIAL feature on a good friend who has a darling shop on etsy (RealPukiPukiLand), and has agreed to hold a contest as well, for one of her unbelievably incredible and exquisite handmade dresses for your RealPuki or PukiPuki BJD.

Stay tuned....It's coming!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

About YOUR BJD - Pat's AOD Zoe

Pat sent in this lovely picture of her AOD BJD, Zoe.

In her words:

"Hi there, This is my 1/3 sized AOD BJD that I named Zoe. I have a site where I photograph them and sell mostly one of a kind clothes for them along with some big girl stuff. It was cool to see other dolls and what people are doing with them."

Check out her site at!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stay Blogged in for some New Content!

Hello all my BJD and BJD-alike friends!

I know, it's been AGES since my last post. And I have so many ideas for's just been hard to find time in the last while (which just so happened to have been a LONG while)!

Please stay blogged-in for a potential new post about a wonderful new friend of mine, who's taken making adorable clothes for RealPukiPuki to another WHOLE level of extreme cute! You will not want to miss this! apologies as the email address I had up on the blog for you all to send me emails, well - for some reason I hadn't had it on my actual computer so I haven't been receiving anything! BUT I logged in and I see so much stuff from all of you wonderful BJDers and I PROMISE I will get back to you and post your doll pics!!

Thanks for being such awesome readers, and I promise new content soon! :)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Realpuki Pupu...Adorable!

A friend of mine purchased one of these a while ago, and because of her amazing talents with the camera, made this little doll come to life! There is so much you can do with this little thing - take him to all sorts of places and photograph him in all sorts of clothes and hats! Stand him next to a pumpkin or put him next to a sleeping kitty - anything goes with a FairyLand Realpuki Pupu. He'll make any snapshot super cute.

Basic price $197 on

Photograph taken from (click the link above to go straight to the page!)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easy & Free BJD Sock Instructions

Socks are some of the easiest, fastest things you can sew up for your ball jointed doll. Striped, polka dots, patterned and's a great way to add colour or to complete an outfit. And - the best part is - you can use your fabric scraps! These don't take up much fabric at all.

Please visit the source site on to view the full instructions and great step-by-step pictures.

Photo from

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why we are so enchanted by Enchanted Doll

The Enchanted Doll - These dolls breathe customization, features and extravagance. They are delicate yet powerfully impressive. They are exquisite, unbelievable, miniature and beautiful. Each doll is a masterpiece to behold. Each one will leave an impression on you that can't soon be forgotten. It's as if each tiny doll gives off magic.

You can order an Enchanted Doll from the website here:

Echo - The Emperor's Youngest Daughter - Photograph from

Scheherazade -- Photograph from

Banshee - Photograph from

Cinderelle -- Photograph from

Imperial Concubine - Photograph from

Cosmos Exploratum Genesis- Photograph from

Dunyazade - Photograph from

Illumination - Photograph from