Saturday, November 20, 2010

BJD Stores - Where to buy ball jointed dolls?

Thinking about getting your own BJD? Or, perhaps you already have some, but are looking for more?

(Pictures are from websites: Limhwa's 43cm Leda;'s Apollo;'s Milk;'s Ahee)

I've wanted to do this for a while now, as I hope it will help you with where to go when dreaming of a new BJD to add to your collection. Here is a list of online sites I have compiled and gathered (and will likely be adding to in the future, too) for ball jointed dolls:

(Of course, I do not take any responsibility for any of these sites nor do I claim to make any representations as to the accuracy of these sites. As with any site on the internet, discretion must be used).

1. Denver Doll Emporium
2. Mimiwoo
3. Bobobie Doll Mall
4. DIMdoll
5. Latidoll
6. Doll-Love
7. Doll Leaves
8. Creedy BJD
9. 5stardolls
10. Goodreau BJDs
11. Impldoll
12. Souldoll
13. B&G Dolls
14. Stellas Treasures
15. Leekeworld
16. Peak's Woods
17. Pipos
18. Dollzone
19. Planetdoll
20. Elfdoll
21. Fairyland Dolls
22. Ashton Drake
23. K. Lasher Dolls
24. Junkyspot
25. Dolls Department 25
26. Iplehouse
27. Dollsoom
28. NobilityDoll 
29. Doll Factory
30. Cherish
31. Dream of Doll 
32. Angel of Dream 
33. Custom House 
34. Kiz Dolls 
35. Mint on Card, inc. 
36. Supia Dolls 
37. Island Doll 
38. Resinsoul 
39. Happy House
40. Domadoll 
41. Soom 
42. Dolkot
43. Inkling
44. Alice's Collections
45. Limhwa Doll International
46. Dust of Doll 
47. Angel Dolls 
48. The Enchanted Doll

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