Saturday, November 19, 2011

Patterns for Delilah Noir, 16" BJD

Photography is art when it concerns that of Faieanna, my Delilah Noir pale skin doll.

Though she is technically not an ABJD, she does have some joint movement (although not to the extent of actual BJDs). Her joints are mechanical  and I don't think she's got any string jointing anywhere (and I do believe she is referred to as a BJD in some respects). But she has an amazing sculpt for clothing, and modeling, and if you are thinking of designing pint-size garments before making a life-size one, Delilah is so much fun to design and sew for! Her measurements are a little different than your average MSD however, I have a lot of fun creating dresses for her. Here is a close-up shot of her lovely features. She's just so sweet!

If you are on the hunt for some patterns for this lovely Delilah Noir doll, here are some! This will depend on whether you are willing to pay for a pattern or just want to see if there is some free stuff out there. You are in luck! There is...A lot of them are for Ellowyne but apparently some of these can fit Delilah!

Free Patterns: - LOTS of free stuff! Some free patterns include: stockings, tights, hats, holiday wear, purses, bags AND accessories! This could keep me busy for quite some time..

Paid Patterns: (see below image)


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  2. Thank you for these links! My first Delilah Noir doll is on the way, and I'm looking forward to sewing for her, but I don't have the experience yet to come up with my own patterns so I'm sort of pattern-dependent. The Fletcher Pattern Company / Patterns by Jude also has a few patterns for purchase designed specifically for Delilah. I keep hoping someone will actually design some awesome goth-wear patterns for her, but haven't seen any of those yet.